AromaXL is a European brand that offers excellent products on the global market for more than a decade.

We produce high-quality spirit yeast and spirit essences that provide outstanding taste. We offer wine sets for making an extended range of wines based on natural juices and dried fruits.

New Product – AromaXL Turbo yeast for spirits

AromaXL Turbo Yeast is designed to produce mash from sugar and dextrose. Our new product offers a selected mix of alcohol-resistant yeast with a complex of macro and microelements, amino acids, and nutrient salts for clean and high-quality fermentation. We paid extra attention to minimizing odors and additives while maximizing alcohol production.

  • Low price and high quality distinguish AromaXL yeast from other similar products

  • If maintaining precise temperature levels, the product is pure, transparent, and odorless

  • AromaXL - a guarantee of a fast, pure, and efficient fermentation of sugar wort

Turbo yeast AromaXL 200 (weight 86g) – designed to ferment 25 liters of sugar wort.

This yeast is resistant to a high temperature, which makes it possible to ferment a large volume.

Turbo yeast AromaXL T3 (weight 125g) - designed to ferment 25 liters of sugar wort.

Intended especially for fast fermentation (3 days -> 16%, 5 days -> 18%).

Perfect for home brewing.

Turbo yeast AromaXL MegaPack (weight 360g) – designed to ferment 100 liters of sugar wort.

This yeast mix has a resistance to higher temperatures, due to which a large amount of fermentation is possible.

The best feature of the Turbo yeast AromaXL 200 and AromaXL MegaPack is their resistance to high temperatures, which is ideal for fermentation on a larger scale. The fermentation time is 5-7 days.
The main advantage of Turbo Yeast AromaXL T3 is faster fermentation time - 3 to 4 days.
If maintaining the correct temperature regime, the product at the end of the process has fewer impurities, is odorless, and does not require additional cleaning.
Low price and high-quality distinguish AromaXL yeast from other similar products.

Spirits Essences

We offer a great selection of natural essences that are used in the preparation of the most known spirits like whiskey, brandy, cognac, tequila, absinthe, as well as a variety of liqueurs. For your pleasure, we made exclusive home-brewed drinks easy.

Our selection of essences AromaXL is created from ingredients of the highest quality providing you with unforgettable richness in taste, aroma, and color. The list of available tastes and aromas is very diverse. It includes about 800 types. At the request of our client, we can refine any taste of the choice

AromaXL Spirit Essences are available for both wholesale and retail production. We offer a 25 ml packaging offer for retail and packaging options from 1 liter (designed to produce 40 liters of product) and others.

Winemaking Kit

AromaXL Winemaking Kit for making home wine in 7-10 days

The kit includes:

- enzymes;

- universal wine yeast with a nutrient medium for fast fermentation;

- fermentation inhibitor;

- two-component clarifier;

- more than 20 recipes for various wines.

Distillation apparatus made of stainless steel

The optimal choice for both beginners who learn the basics of distillation and for experienced users

We offer partnership deals, including positioning the AromaXL product in the desired market, mentorship, tips, and experience from our professionals. To facilitate a smooth start-up, we provide promotional prices.

AromaXL offers an opportunity for successful cooperation

You get the opportunity to engage in wholesale and retail trade with a manufacturer's warranty, open brand stores, participate in regular promotions from the manufacturer, and many more

We guarantee:

  • European quality at the best prices

  • Competent and correct business conduct

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